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Criteo Shows you How to Have the Right Conversation With your Data

Criteo screenshot

How do you have a conversation with your data? It means using tools to get at the real story behind the numbers, going beneath the surface to create strong, applicable insights for your brands.

Catch ELO Interactive CEO Craig Witsoe’s Luxury Interactive Address!

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ELO is the company behind the world’s first touch screen. Here you can watch as CEO Craig Witsoe makes his opening remarks to the Luxury Interactive audience, covering the intersection of technology and customer experience,…

You Can Still Get it There In Time: Last Minute Ways to Optimize Mobile for the Holidays


By Ken Burke With retail’s most important revenue months just weeks away, you know you need to do something now; and you can. Developing your responsive mobile site requires careful attention and keen strategy. For…

Adroit Digital Speaks on Smarter, Data Driven Scaling of Digital Marketing Audiences

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Scaling audiences and enabling performance based growth are both at the core of what Adroit digital does for their clients. Watch as eTail’s Dave Matthews catches up with Greg Kirby, Director of Sales at Adroit…

5 Essential Cartridges To Maximize Your Demandware Implementation


A unified commerce approach to growing your bottom line Unified Commerce is a term that many brands are starting to adopt in concept, yet are largely unable to implement given the challenge to identify the…