Creating Effective Content: A Best Practices Guide with Marketlive


  Content is king, so Bill Gates famously declared back in 1996 in a prescient paper predicting how the Internet would revolutionize, among other things, the publishing industry. But for eCommerce providers, content can sometimes…

Making The Marketer a Data Scientist: Creative Meets Quantitative with AgilOne

Agilone screenshot

How do you manage the relationship between data driven marketing and imaginative and exciting creative? That’s the subject of AgilOne’s panel, taped at this year’s Luxury Interactive summit, and now available to stream. The strongest…

Criteo Shows you How to Have the Right Conversation With your Data

Criteo screenshot

How do you have a conversation with your data? It means using tools to get at the real story behind the numbers, going beneath the surface to create strong, applicable insights for your brands.

Catch ELO Interactive CEO Craig Witsoe’s Luxury Interactive Address!

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ELO is the company behind the world’s first touch screen. Here you can watch as CEO Craig Witsoe makes his opening remarks to the Luxury Interactive audience, covering the intersection of technology and customer experience,…

Maxymiser: Testing Your Digital Channels to Optimize Your Whole Business

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Testing the effectiveness of your digital channels can yield a large amount of insight for your business, not just on a page by page basis, but also on a more fundamental level. Here, Maxymiser walks…