Pinterest Saves You Money Now? How Pinteresting!

Do you ever catch yourself surreptitiously pinning fabulous items on Pinterest that you desperately want, but in reality, will never be able to afford?

That is, unless you win the lottery, and then that bright blue Balenciaga clutch you’ve been eyeing longingly is as good as yours.

Starting today, the social network is adding a new feature that will ease your troubled mind and alleviate the stress sustained by your ever-thinning wallet. Pinterest debuted a new feature this morning that will alert users via email when prices on pinned items drop.

After May’s roll-out of the innovative “product pins,” which display more information about the object you’ve posted, including price, availability and retailer links, tens of millions of products have reportedly been added, including retail information on clothing, furniture or etc.

Cutting out the middle-man, the social platform will now align its’ users interests to the buy-channel, and is on the road to becoming a virtual gold mine for marketers and brands alike.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.39.17 AM

“Many of the pins already have price information,” Pinterest’s spokesperson Annie Ta told ABC News. “Now we are able to send notifications about the price dropping. We think it will be really helpful for the pinners and great for the websites selling the products.”

Pinterest promises to keep the notifications at a minimum and will only send them a couple of times a day.

Since adding the product pin feature, Pinterest has reported the click-through rate higher for product pins compared to regular pins.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty pinspired.