Coffee Shops of the Future could Replace People with Robots

The Briggo Coffee Haus, designed by Yves Behar, is a consumer-savvy alternative to the automated coffee models you might be used to from hospitals (which have been historically scary). Staffed by a series of coffee-brewing robots created at Briggo, the Coffee Haus can receive your order via web, iOS app, or a touchscreen kiosk. From there, it will grind and brew your custom drink on command (or have it waiting for you to arrive at a certain time). 1673167-slide-briggo-left-close-pickup-lo

Although the system is technologically advanced, it’s not designed like an intimidating spaceship. The kiosk is wrapped in wood and branded with classic retro typography. Briggo is marketed as a turnkey solution to any public space looking for steady caffeine drip.

The design team chose to reveal just a bit of the coffee process in a transparent window; an assembly line that assures a customer their order is being attended to. A rating system allows customers to give feedback on preparation, calibrating their latte for next time until it’s exactly the way they want it.

So the question for you is – would you be happy with an automated, robotic barista, or do you still value your in-store Starbucks guru?