Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: Sailthru OmniChannel Personalization

By Neil Capel, CEO Sailthru
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What do you do when the results you produce – 400% acceleration to first-time purchases, 73% increase in revenue due to cart recovery, 20% increase in Customer Lifetime Value – are actually unbelievable? You partner with the one of the world’s most respected research analyst houses to verify your results.


Sailthru is thrilled to announce the results that Forrester Research discovered when analyzing the impact our solution had on a fast growing mid-sized e-commerce company: 123% ROI, $14.2 million in incremental revenue and a .9 month payback period (yes, that’s under a month).


At Sailthru we believe that omnichannel personalization is the next generation of marketing automation. Let’s face it, automation without personalization is essentially SPAM; and personalization without automation simply cannot scale. But how can companies make the jump from traditional marketing automation to building truly personalized experiences for each and every customer; leap light years ahead in their ability to collect and analyze data to build actionable insights? Well, with the Total Economic Impact™ study hot off the presses from Forrester, there’s no longer the fear of falling from grace for fast growing and leading ecommerce companies.

The Sailthru client interviewed and studied in the Forrester TEI Report uses Sailthru’s email, onsite and social personalization; email and onsite product recommendations; Advanced Analytics platform; Purchase API and Facebook Custom Audiences integration. They are truly tackling the omnichannel opportunity and the results are clear.

Using our solution, the company experienced verified results that can no longer be called unbelievable:

  •  Increased spending from engaged customers: Sailthru boosted revenue from engaged customers by 18%
  •  Reduced level of disengaged customers: Before Sailthru, customers disengaged at a rate of 13% per year, with Sailthru that rate dropped to 6%
  •  Adopted a dynamic analytics model: With Advanced Analytics, the team no longer has to spend time pulling reports and manually analyzing data, it’s in real time and completely automated
  •  Moved beyond batch-and-blast campaigns: Sailthru’s unique user-profiles that contain omnichannel behavioral, interest and purchase data are leveraged to achieve true 1:1 personalization
  • Realized a Payback period of .9 months: By consolidating email, onsite recommendations, and campaign management vendors and systems, the initial investment in Sailthru was quickly recovered

To see to whole remarkable story, download the full report.

About Neil Capel

Neil Capel is the Founder and CEO of Sailthru, a technology company leading a major shift in how companies communicate. His successful track record of working on large-scale, high-demand web systems led him to develop Sailthru’s unique Smart Data capabilities.

Prior to founding Sailthru, Neil was the Chief Technology Officer for MusicNation, an AlleyCorp company, ASmallWorld, and Money-Media (acquired by The Financial Times). Today, Neil is also an adviser to several startups, including and and a Venture Partner at Bowery Capital, a seed stage venture fund focused on transformational upgrades to enterprise technologies. 

Neil was also named to the The Silicon Alley 100 in 2011 and 2012 as one of New York City’s most influential and coolest technology leaders.

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