Yamaha on Using Social Media for Customer Service…the Right Way

By now it’s no surprise that social media has become an invaluable customer service tool. But to say, “We use Twitter for customer service,” doesn’t really mean much unless you have a true strategy and effective execution.

In this presentation from the Next Generation Customer Experience conference, Jeff Hawley, Director, Customer Experience, Yamaha, discusses the importance of adapting to rapidly evolving social media trends. Hawley shares his own experience at Yamaha using social media for customer service.

“One of the things we really had to figure out really quickly was how we’d handle customer service for someone with perhaps a very technical mixer, followed by the next case, which may be someone with a very untechnical violin,” said Hawley. “From a value and an internal perspective, [social media] is one of the things that I was really able to use as a bit of a catalyst to make other things come in to play.”

Watch the video here to see how he forged this social path at Yamaha, or click this link if you’d prefer to read the entire transcript of his talk.