Wearable Tech: Fashion Meets the Future

A little over 50 years ago, when the Jetsons forecasted a space-age future, some of their technologies seemed far-fetched, while others were already seeds of truth, mere decades away.

The cartoon—interestingly, the first color TV show to air on ABC—predicted video chatting long before FaceTime existed. While we don’t all have Rosie the robots cleaning our homes, less charming versions are currently building our cars.

In one episode, Jane purchases an electronic dress. Crazy for the 1960’s, but today, does it sound familiar? Wearable technology is quickly gaining speed and style, having evolved from theory to actuality in a short amount of time. Some things are more practical—and more wearable—than others, but here are some of the techies’ favorites:

Google GlaSamsung-Galaxy-Gear-render-2-490x255ss: Arguably the most well-known of the wearable technologies (of course, it’s Google), these glasses/wearable computers are still in development, but have a lot of people talking—and not just computer-addicts. Vogue recently shot a 12-page spread depicting models wearing Google Glass as haute couture.

Sensoria Smart Sock: As futuristic as the Google Glass looks, the Sensoria Smart Sock looks simplistic; and that is what’s so great about. Textile sensors woven within the sock track foot falls, running techniques, form, etc. Once the sock is worn and the real-time readings are delivered, it gets tossed into the washing machine like any other sock.

Power Suit: Okay, so it’s not for your average Joe Schmo, but the “novel wearable system” being created by Harvard engineers (for the mere cost of $2.6 million) will intelligently delay fatigue, help wearers resist injuries, and easily monitor the body’s biometrics—all in a flexible, superhero-costume-like fashion.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Set to debut any day now, this wrist watch—part fashion statement, part communication device—will likely gain lots of attention from the media, techies, and teeny boppers alike. It makes phone calls, sends emails, has video games, and will come in five snazzy colors.