Hilton Worldwide on Turning a One-Time Buyer into a Loyal Customer

In the below presentation from the Next Generation Customer Experience conference, Nancy Deck, VP, Full Service Brand Marketing, Hilton Worldwide, discusses how to turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. An impressive feat, to say the least, but one that is certainly attainable.

“With 10 hotel brands and hotels all around the world, we think deeply about customer experience every day,” said Deck. “The common ingredient across our brands is our HHonors program. Twenty-five years ago, HHonors started as a scratch off program that was administered by our front desk, so it was like a lot of products back then. It was really nothing more than, ‘You do this and we’ll give you points for that kind of reward program.’ Today, we have over 34 million HHonors members and we add millions of them every year. So loyalty really is a key component of driving the customer experience.”

As the presentation goes on, Deck talks about the three elements that drive loyalty.

Watch below to hear her thoughts, or read the full transcript here.