Video Alert: How Companies Balance Quality and Performance

When it comes to product imagery, how do ecommerce companies balance quality and performance? This was the subject of Peter Blum’s fascinating presentation at eTail West. As the Vice President of Product Management at Instart Logic, Peter knows that bigger, better product images help conversions, but can also mean slower page load times. This is especially true of tablets and smartphones, which can take four or five times longer to load than desktop pages. And as Peter points out, conversion plummets the longer it takes a page to load.

According to Peter, the solution to this problem is to stream webpages the same way we stream cat videos. In fact, Instart Logic has built a website and web app streaming platform that can improve page load speeds even with top-notch content.

You should watch the video below to learn how website and web app streaming could redefine how ecommerce sites display their products!