Video Alert: Facebook on Being in the ‘Marketing’ (not ‘Social’) Box

Like with Google, many retailers are starting to have a love/hate relationship with the social giant, Facebook. Multi-channel, excuse me, omni-channel retailers understand the value that Facebook presents with its unparalleled reach, but it’s not always easy to understand how to turn those who use Facebook everyday into loyal customers.

I chatted with Facebook Account Executive, Pat Dolan, at eTail East two weeks ago, about the message that the brand wants to send to retailers out there – and there is good news. Facebook wants to work with retailers to achieve mutually beneficial goals. The company understands the value that retailers can provide to it as a kind of “vendor,” and as Dolan says, the company wants to be transparent about its goals and “break down the walls” that Facebook hears about from retailers. In other words, the company wants to debunk the rumors that Facebook is hard to work with.

There are preconceived notions that Facebook is designed for social, Dolan says. But the company is almost more of a solution provider than a social network these days. People have talked about Facebook being in a social “box,” but really, the company belongs in a “marketing” box, according to Dolan.

Watch our chat here and learn about how you, as a retailer, should be approaching your (inevitable) relationship with Facebook.