Infographic Alert: Who’s Working the Hardest?

People love to talk about which countries’ citizens “live to work” versus “work to live.” In this infographic, published by The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, an international group dedicated to promoting policies to improve social and economic well-being, it’s all spelled out in black and white.

The results of the graphic, which looks at the average annual hours worked per worker, by country, in 2008, may surprise some.

For instance, while American workers averaged 35 hours per week, Greek workers averaged 41. And while South Korean workers were putting in a whopping 44 hours—the most in the survey—those in Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands had it relatively easy.

So who held the highest numbers, after South Korea and Greece?
– Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic tied, at 38 hours.
Mexican workers were right behind, with 36 hours.
– Four countries, including the U.S. and Italy, came in at 35 hours.

Check out the full infographic below, and decide if the daily-grind-grass is greener somewhere else…