Monthly Archives: June 2012

Apple’s New iOS 6 Likes Facebook, Shuns Google’s Maps

With Apple announcing the new iOS 6 yesterday, everyone wanted to know how the big players would play in the new ball field. Google, Facebook – how would these behemoths factor into Apple’s newest mobile…

Luxury ECommerce in China – Capitalizing on the Huge Opportunity

According to a study by McKinsey & Co., a global management and corporate consulting firm, China is set to outstrip Japan as the world’s largest market for luxury goods with sales increasing to $27 billion…’s Karen Webster Talks Emerging & Mobile Payments

Last year, we conducted an interview with Karen Webster, CEO of Market Platform Dynamics and President of, about the future of emerging payments systems. Her comments still prove relevant as we navigate across this…

Pricing 101 – 3 Basic Ways to Price Products Right

Every retailer knows that odd-numbered pricing draws in more customers than even-numbered pricing. Why pay $500 for an iPad when you can pay $499? Still, many retailers take a shot in the dark when they…

Small Business, Carolina Rustica, Launches New ECommerce Due to Growth

Twelve-year-old specialty home furnishings and lighting retailer, Carolina Rustica, happily announced that steady business growth in the realm of 40 percent, has prompted the company to launch a new ecommerce store on a Magento platform….