New & Noteworthy: The Biebs Goes Mobile, Wanderful Brings Stories to Life & More

I’ve said this already, but it’s becoming almost too difficult to keep up with the new, useful smartphone and other digital channel apps that keep cropping up every week, every day!

Not to fear – we are here to help as we are keeping abreast of some of the latest and greatest technology innovations weekly, here at the eTail Blog. This week a few fun new tech bites will either pique your interest or at least give you a chuckle as it did for me.

TrustMark Helps You Not Get Ripped Off by your Contractor

Apparently all you Brits (yes, I know you’re out there reading the blog!) are not too good at talking to your tradesmen (i.e. contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc.) According to London-based TrustMark, more than half of British homeowners admit they forget to ask the right questions when they invite such people into their homes to get quotes for jobs, and nearly one in five forget to ask the really important questions. I’d be willing to be the stat is the same for us across the pond.

The government-endorsed TrustMark, which helps people find reputable tradesmen, launched a new phone app to help ask the right questions and have more confident conversations before agreeing to hire a builder to demolish and recreate the kitchen. In 11 steps, the app creates an instant record of the conversation between the contractor and yourself by prompting questions and providing advice at every stage, telling you what to look out for and reminding you of your rights. The iPhone app was launched by Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills at a reception in Westminster. The app is free and the only question is – where’s our version? (The U.S. that is.)

Classic Children’s Stories Come to Life with Wanderful

The award-winning Living Books series has inspired a new multilingual, interactive storybook app from its creator, Wanderful. With animated content for young readers and pre-readers, the Wanderful storybooks app will first launch on iTunes and in the Apple App Store with three titles: The Tortoise and the Hare, Little Monster at School and Arthur’s Teacher Trouble.

The Wanderful apps will allow children to explore each story and all its content with little to no guidance as each title includes a deeper story experience and features interactivity, dynamic language function allowing readers to switch languages on the fly. The stories feature original music composed for each title and also include a read to me mode that lets young readers watch and listen to the story play.

Cellaris by Justin Bieber – The Coolest Smartphone Cover. Obv.

What’s interesting about Justin Bieber releasing a mobile phone cover is not so much that it’s a cell phone cover with Justin Bieber, but that there will be more coming. He’s got a whole line of mobile accessories coming, including a limited edition designer iPhone case that you simply must get your 14-year-old sister. Ten more limited edition designs will be coming because…you can’t stop the Biebs.