Will Email Marketing Survive? Both Sides of the Argument

My opinion: Yes.

Email marketing will survive for those companies for whom it continues to perform.

Effective marketers are always re-evaluating performance. Performance is what counts, and the email marketing channel still likely performs for most of you eTail blog readers.

email marketingThese decisions come down to channel performance…and you must ask yourself: What is your target market? Where do they hang out and how do you reach them?

I have never placed a billboard advertisement because I would pay too much for people who don’t buy my product. If it remains a performing channel for you, stick with it. I would abandon a channel only if the ROI were to drop below a given benchmark (for me somewhere around 150%)

Current Truths About Email Marketing:


  • The college class of 2014 no longer checks their email first as their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are number one
  • It’s not as sexy as Facebook or Twitter – I get it
  • It has dwindled in its performance, no doubt


  • People still read email! If you work at a company, you likely use email, and you likely have your own account
  • It’s fast and can be personal. I can get you an email in a few minutes!
  • It’s mobile, and right now I feel on par with a text message. When I hear my phone buzz, I look to see what it is!
  • It is an inexpensive channel for direct promotion
  • It still works for both prospects and customers alike
  • It is an critical part of an integrated, multi-channel campaign