Video interview: Jana Eggers – How to use customer-generated content to build your brand

When you run a site where virtually all the product you’re selling is created by your customers, you have to be pretty savvy about what they’re posting and how they’re using your site. But according to Jana Eggers, CEO of Spreadshirt, an e-commerce site where you can go to create personalized t-shirts and other apparel items, customer content is a relatively untapped resource that can help sell your product for you. You’ll always run the risk of seeing some negative content or things like Spread____ (take a wild guess) but ultimately, it’s worth the risk as you allow your users to get closer to your brand – which is what they are longing for.

As Spreadshirt has evolved, it has begun to use more and more personalization and also to integrate customer-generated content into their web design. Learn from the site’s CEO, Jana Eggers, how to take their success and apply it to your e-commerce site, with this informal post-presentation chat she had with me at eTail.