Instart Logic shaking up content delivery paradigm with new tools

With download speeds and site fluidity correlating directly with eCommerce conversions, content delivery engines are becoming just as important as the rich images and videos they help display. This week, cloud application delivery startup Instart Logic took the next step in improving content delivery, announcing two new products designed to improve site performance across devices.

InstantLoad is the company’s new cache optimization tool that uses HTML5’s unique caching and storage mechanisms to intelligently determine how each element of an application (such as an image or code fragment) should be placed in a browser’s cache. The result is reduced load times for each component, especially on page re-views.

The other product Instart Logic announced on Tuesday is SmartVision, an enhancement to the company’s existing Image Streaming service feature. SmartVision utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze the content of an image, deciding which elements must be initially streamed for a user to recognize the image without perceiving it as poor quality. After that initial stream, the service brings down the rest of the image in the background. All in all, Instart Logic says SmartVision can allow web applications to send up to 70% less image data in initial loads, with clear benefits for page load times and user experience.


I had a chance to speak with Peter Blum, Instart Logic’s vice president of product management, about the new solutions. He emphasized the company’s unique software-defined application delivery (SDAD), which uses software-based approaches to improve content delivery rather than the traditional hardware-based methods. This approach allows them to drill down into how servers and browsers work, optimizing them for a diversity of devices. Blum believes that SDAD is paradigm shifting, especially for mobile devices, for which the greatest hurdle is often the “last mile” of content delivery via wireless networks.

Instart Logic, which has raised $52 million in funding to date, is wagering that SDAD will make more traditional content delivery networks obsolete. If you have a chance, check out the InstantLoad and SmartVision demos on the Instart Logic’s website to get a deeper look into the potential these products hold for online retailers.

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