3 Tips to Revamp Your Social Strategy

Yesterday afternoon during the ‘Traffic Generation & Conversion Optimization’ Track at eTail West, Halley Silver, Director of Online Services at King Arthur Flour shared the following 3 great tips on how to freshen up any organization’s social strategy:

1. Give your content room to breathe: Allow a few spaces between the content you post to social media outlets and the line where you insert the link to your website. Halley and King Arthur Flour A/B tested placing their links right after their content or a few lines down and found that the one that had room for the content to breathe was much more successful

2. Curating Content: Make sure that along with posting your own content, you are looking out for content from like-branded companies that you can share with your customers to keep the conversation going

3. Cross-Promote Your Content: Make sure the content you post makes it to all of the social media sites you are a part of. So if a customer only follows Twitter, and you post something to Facebook, they should be able to see what you have posted