A Computer that Knows your Thoughts and Feelings

It won’t be long before the computer you’re reading this from can read your mind.

Scary thought (no offense, computer.)

Or maybe it’s not so scary…

Emoshape, a cutting edge technology development group has built the EmoSPARK, what it’s calling “the first A.I. (artificial intelligence) home console.” The device can be employed for what the company calls the “overall happiness and well-being of its user,” along with entertainment…not to mention help finding your keys.

How does it do it? Basically, it reads your body language. Sort of. The device monitors facial expressions and emotions. It can understand conversations. And it knows how to react to said emotions by offering solutions. It even ‘chats’ with its users to pep them up, if required. If a new user walks into the room while Emo is employed, it knows and wants to “get to know” him/her.

It’s all very Star Trek/Her/Jetsons/Wall-E…pick your future culture poison.

This innovative new technology has seen great success in its Indiegogo campaign, earning more than half of its total goal of $100K to date. In response, Emoshape has added a stretch goal of up $300,000 sought to enable functionality with Windows Phone 8, home automation and the equally ground breaking Watson (IBM) with the EmoSPARK cube.