Video Alert:’s Marketing Director on Success with SEO & SEM

As the Director of Marketing at, Lori Caldwell had the choice to work with pretty much any search engine optimization and marketing company she wanted to. While at Fossil, Caldwell was challenged with a site re-platforming, which included a number of projects and a total overhaul. She was faced with the same challenge while working at JCPenney, and then again at So when it came time to choose a solutions provider, like most humans do, Caldwell decided to go with what she knew worked. She employed the services of SEO/SEM provider, SearchDex, which is a comprehensive platform handling pay-per-click management, ROI forecasting and analytics, site design and more.

“[At CheapCaribbean], we quite frequently go out and rank and see where we are, and we measure those results compared to how we are bringing in the revenue from those SEO customers,” said Caldwell. “We can see pretty consistently that the traffic is rising all the time and our conversion rate is still improving.”

Those solid metrics are good enough proof for Caldwell, but there’s more to it than that. Watch the video below to hear about some of the specifics she focuses on within her SEO and SEM campaigns.