eTail Presents its 2013 Technology Spending Trend Report

As has now become an eTail tradition, this past year at our Palm Springs conference, we surveyed some of the industry’s most respected retailers to figure out what kinds of technologies they were planning to invest their marketing budgets in over the next 3 to 12 months.

We gathered more than 100 responses in our attempt to uncover technology spending habits, and think the results show some pretty compelling stats about where trends are headed for technology, and what retail marketers are really looking for in tech today. The revamp of survey and partnership with AT&T also helped us achieve a more accurate, clear reading into these trends. 10359_trends

A few highlighted findings of the report include:

More than 60 percent of respondents are planning to spend more on SEO, SEM, personalization, mobile site design and social engagement over the next 12 months.
Less than 36 percent of respondents made spending decisions based on a management decision.
15 percent of respondents purchased content management systems based on their ease of execution

Download the full spending report to learn more about these trends, and be sure to come to eTail East in Philly to be a part of next year’s study!