Webinar Alert: Are you Driving Ecommerce Results with Tag Management?

Are you one of those retailers out there who still isn’t quite sure what tag management is? Or, if you do, are you still not quite sure how to use it to drive your Ecommerce business?

I’m not a retailer myself (well, not in the traditional sense that many of you are), but I definitely fall into this category. I hear the term all the time, “tag management,” and I smile and nod like I know exactly what it means, why it’s important and what to do with all the “knowledge” I have up there about the super cool thing called “tag management.”

Who am I kidding?

When I get down to brass tacks, I really could use a refresher on what this whole thing is about. That’s why I will definitely be tuning into an upcoming webinar our WBR Digital team is putting up with partner, Tealium on February 13th at 2 p.m. EST. Here’s a link to see all the details of the webinar and to register.

A guest speaker from Onestop Internet, Jeremy Hermanns, will join Ali Behnam from Tealium, to talk about how Onestop is leveraging tag management to maximize online marketing effectiveness. Onestop manages the Ecommerce operations for more than 35 major apparel retailers, including Nicole Miller, Reef and many more.

Among the many challenges in digital marketing today is the costly and tedious process of deploying and managing the web page tags associated with many third-party digital technologies. Tag management is a new class of application that allows digital marketers to better manage their tags – and the exchange of digital data – with their online vendors, without requiring ongoing IT assistance. This ultimately enables digital marketers to launch more revenue-generating campaigns, while increasing web site performance.

In this webinar, Tealium and Onestop promise that you will:

– Find out what tag management is and how it works
– Discover what’s driving the growing demand for tag management
– Learn the specific benefits of tag management for retailers
– See real case studies on how e-tailers are using tag management to drive better online results

If you can’t tune into the live webinar on February 13th, register today and we’ll send you the recorded webinar, for sure. (I may just be one of those registrants who has to watch it on a plane or train somewhere, but I will be watching!)