Calling All Pinning Retailers: Send us your Hottest Pins!

No bones about it – 2012 was the year of Pinterest. At least in terms of social media anyway.

The social newcomer stormed the scene with its user-friendly interface that got people addicted. Fast.
And nobody seemed to love it as much as the retail industry. The platform, being such a natural channel to market products (either because they’ve done it themselves, or because their fans have done it for them) made it impossible for retailers to resist its siren song.

So now, we here at the eTail Blog want to know: What were your most pinned products of 2012? Send them to us!

We’re talking the stuff that Pinterest peeps couldn’t get enough of. The photos that fans were posting so much you couldn’t keep enough inventory to whet their appetites (if they actually bought said product, of course – the ultimate goal of retail marketers using Pinterest.)

Send us your hottest Pinterest products from 2012 (one, two or three) from 2012, and you might make an appearance right here on the eTail blog, when we round up the top retail pins of the year in a coming article. We’ll also repin them on our Pinterest page (because there’s no such thing as products shared too much, right?)

Please send all images or links to images to yours truly, eTail Blog Editor, Kelly Hushin, here.

Let the pins come in…