Iris Mobile on Why the Year of Mobile is Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

We’ve been hearing the same thing for a while now. In 2010: “THIS is the year of mobile.” In 2011: “Now, THIS is the year of mobile.” 2012: “Ok, really, THIS is the year of mobile.”

Repetitive much?

According to James Boccarossa, VP, Sales, at Iris Mobile, the year of mobile is a misleading term because there is no year of mobile – mobile development and innovation is constant – it’s every year.

I spoke with James at eTail Boston back in August and he told me why he thinks this is true, and also why retailers are still struggling with the channel. His company has some pretty cool ideas about how to use it, particularly the introduction of rich media text messages that consumers are starting to buy into and accept from their favorite brands. Rather than resorting to plain, black and white, 160 character text messages, some retailers are taking advantage of offerings like those from Iris Mobile to enrich the communication with their customers and make their marketing messages look more like the picture message you might get from your best friend when she gets engaged.

Watch our brief chat below and tell us – do you have plans to ramp up your mobile messaging marketing strategy?