Twitter Taking its Brand to TV? Or, err, Web TV?

All those skeptics out there who thought Twitter wasn’t going to figure out how to make money beyond a stream of tweets might be raising eyebrows now, if they haven’t been already.

According to an article in Ad Week, the social media behemoth may be looking into the launch of an exclusive reality web series developed by one of the producers of The Hills, the famed TV reality/drama that stole the hearts of many teens wishing they could live the life of Lauren Conrad or, gasp, Heidi Montag. Ok maybe not Heidi.

The web series would be delivered as content tweeted and promoted in-stream or on a standalone Twitter page like the company’s recent NASCAR promotion.

TV brands have been appending a hashtag to the bottom corner of their screens during programs for quite some time and this may be the next step for Twitter in expanding that pursuit and bringing more attention to the platform viz TV.

Ad Week wrote that Twitter is aiming toward changing the way people consume and discover media. Twitter wouldn’t be developing the content, but would serve as a distribution channel and advertising middleman.