You ‘Like’ but do you ‘Want?’

Facebook might be trying harder to get into the ecommerce game, or at least get closer to potential advertising dollars from its users’ most coveted retail brands.

A recent CNN article states that Facebook’s “like” button may be getting cozy with a new buddy – a “want” button.

The button would be a way for users to share items that they want with their friends, aka items they might buy, aka retailer gold. Methinks it would be sort of Pinterest-esque, but perhaps even more direct. Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray said that such a button “could be Facebook’s first true product to directly impact commerce on the site.”

“Offering a ‘want’ button and enabling users to tell friends and Facebook what products they want would give Facebook data closer to what Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) has when users type an explicit commerce related search query,” Munster said.

But as the CNN article stated, Facebook would not confirm such an addition to the site, only that they are “always testing new platform features.”

Perhaps we’ll find out from Nicolas Franchet, Global Head of E-Commerce at Facebook, when he speaks at eTail Boston in just a few weeks… No promises!

Do you think Facebook will do it? Or more importantly, do you think Facebook should do it?