Infographic Alert: Are You a Connected Consumer?

Yes, we have another infographic for you. Why? Two reasons:

1) We’ve just been getting so many good ones lately!
2) It’s Friday, and we have Fridayhead, a term my great friend and former editor coined referring to the inability for you brain to function properly after a certain time on Fridays. Yes, it’s a scientific truism. Look it up.

…Ok, actually don’t do that.

This graphic comes to us from Lemon and Zmags, and explores what being a “connected consumer” means and how consumers using tablets, smartphones and social media really interact with the web on those devices. Some fun facts:

– Average age of the connected consumer today is 40, and 52% of them are female
– Average household income of the connected consumer is $63,000
– For consumers buying jewelry, tablet, PC/laptop and smartphone all come out about equal in terms of which they prefer to use
3% of people own a PC, laptop or smartphone call themselves “shopaholics,” whereas 9% of tablet owners say that about themselves

Check out the below graphic for more stats and info: