eTail Europe Kicks off – See the Top Tweets!

I’m here in sunny – no joke! – London at the first main conference day of our jam packed eTail Europe event. There’s much to buzz about after an enlightening Mobile summit yesterday and a morning filled with more talk about mobile, social, customer behavior and more. We heard from Waitrose, Usablenet, The British Retail Consortium,, the Luxury Institute and more yesterday, and this morning, Schuh, Argos, Sitecore and more. Here are a few of the best highlights so far, via Twitter:

@lfboyd Presented at #etaileurope today. Think I heard “mobile is the glue between channels” four times by presenters, incl self.

@eTail_Events When asked to find a product in store, children took 24 mins. On a mobile device they found it in 6 minutes. @Debenhams, #etaileurope

@garyamstutz Pixmania have a mediation team within their customer services team #etaileurope

@eTail_Events Ur customers know more about ur stores than ur sales professionals b/c u’ve empowered customers but not ur sales professionals

@jonesmaria Conversion will go down due to increase in unique visitors (multiple devices) and because mobile conversion in itself is lower #etaileurope

@eTail_Events Current state of customer relationship efforts is impersonal and mass. @LuxuryInstitute, #etaileurope

@pixielizards Tesco are excellent at monitoring Twitter for negative comments & engaging with positive responses #etaileurope

@eTail_Events Mobile searches for the market up 132% in Q1-@Argos, #etaileurope

@dhcobbler @richrelevance Recent eBay study suggests 24% of online traffic will be through iTV by 2014. Screens and data! #eTailEurope

@b1tr0t Natural synergy between curated social (twitter/fb) and mobile friendly stores, is there a magnifying effect on conversions? #etaileurope

@sam1hufton RT @emmabonar The irony of mobile traffic going up is conversion going down -yup! #etaileurope >> So true. Responsive Design is so important

@banysA1 LSE: in UK, 1/3 of 5-10 yr olds uses phone to access www. Tablet, games, laptops provide mobile,personal access. #etaileurope #media lse

@roxy2087 Interactive t.v not appearing to be a priority now, will this change by 2015 when 47% of t.v’s are predicted to have internet?

And one of the best highlights so far: the view…