Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for Holiday Season?

Holiday season, more than four months from now, is perhaps the last thing on the majority of people’s minds.

Except for us online retailers.

In fact, right about now is the time we all start thinking about how we will maximize the potential of our ecommerce sites through November, December and January.

BloomReach, a cloud marketing platform that helps retailers maximize online revenue by getting the most relevant products and services, has put together a webinar about this very topic. It is meant to deliver retailers 10 top strategies for getting sites holiday ready. Of those top 10 tips, here are three you can start thinking about now:

1. Learn from Past Q4’s. What can you take from Q4 last year, Q4 the year before, and so on? How can those learnings inform your strategy for this year? This is something to start looking into now.
2. Cultivate reviews and customer advocates. How can you take time now to start building reviews on your site? It’s been proven time and again that products with reviews sell better online, especially those with good reviews – naturally.
3. Create and launch seasonal landing pages now. It’s never to early to start seasonal landing page creation. You may not want to bombard your customers with these yet as they’ll start looking at their calendars with bewilderment, but start creating and launching them internally, and if appropriate, externally too.

Bloomreach has seven more strategies, and a lot more to say about them, which they’re excited to share during the webinar they’ll host this week, along with special guest speakers, Peter Sheldon, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and Adam Whippy, Group SEO Director at 360i.

To attend the webinar and see the rest, or to simply make sure the taped version of it gets sent to your inbox after it’s been aired, click this link and sign up. Don’t worry, we won’t judge if you back out – we know how crazy it can get mid-business day. But clicking this link and registering will ensure you get the presentation live or taped and we know you’ll find it helpful, whichever of those methods you prefer.