New Vineyard Vines Site Brings In-Store Experience Digital

If a pink Sperm whale is a familiar logo to you, you must be a fan of Vineyard Vines.

The preppy clothing company, based in Connecticut and inspired by the island of Martha’s Vineyard, has become a staple of summer wear by upscale New Englanders and New Yorkers alike. Now the company is ramping up its retail business online. With its clothing popularity growing beyond the bounds of its native land, it’s no wonder the company has made bold moves to get digital.

Vineyard Vines elected Demandware Commerce to support and accelerate the growth. The new improved site has capabilities that provide customers a shopping experience more reflective of the distinct brand, which prides itself on premiere customer service and luxurious store settings.

“Our top priority is to provide a great experience to our customers, with exceptional service and functionality,” says CEO and co-founder Ian Murray. Demandware’s cloud-based commerce platform was attractive to Vineyard Vines because it offers the ecommerce team an ability to model experiences after those consumers have in store. The platform’s automatic upgrade feature was also attractive to the retailer, as was the ability to build a partnership with a solution provider to build the online business. Also important was an extensive ratings and reviews capability.

Vineyard Vines worked with Demandware LINK Solution Partner, Lyons Consulting Group, to manage site development, design and system integration. The retailer also leveraged several pre-built integrations to third-party technologies.