New Retailer: Swiss Fashion House, Akris, Launches ECommerce Boutique

Swiss luxury fashion house, Akris, which currently has about 600 global brick and mortar points of distribution, has announced the launch of its first ecommerce boutique on its newly designed website, The fashion house, based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, has been around for 90 years and has continued to be run as a family business since its inception in 1922. The products are known for a sleek, understated style of women’s apparel, handbags, jewelry, scarves, and small leather pieces.

Albert Kriemler, Designer and Creative Director for Akris, designed the website to embody the signature of the company. The user can journey through a portfolio of sketches by Albert Kriemler in the “House of Akris” section, to a pictorial story of the, “Process of Creation,” which reveals the steps in development of two Akris signature materials of rich heritage; double-face and horsehair. “Akris Insider” offers a blog and social media hub, inhabited by news and musing from members of the fashion house.

“Every detail of the site is designed to be refined and understated, and to mirror the retail experience of Akris,” said Kriemler.

Once inside the ecommerce boutique, a full range of Akris categories is available from the Akris and Akris punto collections, to Akris accessories. The website provides unique presentation platforms to mirror retail store components, such as the horsehair fabric wall utilized as a textured backdrop to the design house’s products. The Akris assembly of sleek seasonal wardrobe pieces and accessories is on view in a digital adaptation of the retail store’s curvilinear maple wood wall fixture with scroll capability to peruse the full breadth of the collection designs, shapes and materials.

The ecommerce boutique was designed in collaboration with King & Partners and is powered by Resolute Digital, both New York-based digital agencies. It is now open to the US market and plans to follow that launch with a European and Japanese launch in the fall.