New ECommerce Venture for India Caters to Cricket Lovers

India has chosen an appropriate segue into the ecommerce market: cricket!

The country, known for embracing the sport as one of its most popular pastimes, is also embracing an entre into ecommerce, and experts are buzzing about the nation as one of the next big frontiers on the ecommerce scene.

A new site called, is promising a beautiful shopping experience with striking product photos shot and presented in a new “Ultra Slo Mo” technology, which is a combination of clear product photos and highlights of the features presented in a game setting. It’s an attempt to bring the product to life and put it in context. The main features of the product are highlighted, enlarged and explained. Currently, only about half of the products on the site have this display but representatives from the site believe that this is one of the most important attributes which will contribute to their success.

Devichand Sharma, who is in charge of product photography for the site, said, “Cricketers are quality conscious customers and very particular about their gear. Quality players need to see every little detail in their cricket equipment.”

According to Manudev Bhardwaj, another representative of, the sites’s inspiration was Sachin Tendulkar, a player who has the “timeless, classic technique,” with an innovative flair.

“He is like those rare classical musicians who imbibe technique at a deep level but are not fettered by it,” said Bhardwaj. “That’s what inspires us.” will focus on small, premium, niche goods for cricket enthusiasts and is positioning itself as the top quality site for buying cricket equipment online in India. It will only sell the highest quality equipment from bats to shoes to pads and gloves, and will not sell things like cricket video games or tennis ball cricket sets.

Brands represented include SG, SS, Adidas, Reebok, Puma Cricket and more. All goods are stocked and dispatched within 24 hours of order.

We’re curious to know about any other exciting ecommerce ventures you’ve heard about coming out of international arenas like India, South Africa, Russia, Germany and more. If you have any news or any tips, please send them our way!