Tablet Does Not = Mobile and Vice Versa

A few weeks back, Sarah Etter posted a blog on Monetate’s site called, “Tablet Isn’t Mobile!”

It struck me because it’s something I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Yes – they ARE different. Implementing the same features to cover both tablet and mobile means “leaving money on the table,” she wrote.

Why? According to a Compuware study called, “Engaging the Tablet User: What They Expect from Websites,” tablet users are more likely to expect a “fast and flawless” shopping experience, even better than the desktop experience. Etter wrote that the study showed 46 percent of tablet browsers who had a “bad experience” would turn to a competitor the next time they wanted to buy.

Etter offered the following tips for ensuring a website is primed for tablet shoppers:

Don’t make an app for that. According to a report from Alexander Interactive, “few [tablet] users actively download apps.” What they really want is to visit a website optimized for their device.
Streamline the shopping experience. Make sure your site’s design is clean and you place focus on the necessary functions like search bars, etc.
Implement tap-zoom functionality to make browsing fun on a tablet.
Offer scrolling instead of pagination for browsing.
Use larger fonts on product pages for fast, easy reading.

Thanks Sarah for the article! Those of you who’d like more can check it out here.