Ritz-Carlton’s Fancy New Mobile App; What are Your Fave Luxury Brand Apps?

Luxury brands are no longer lagging in the digital world – well, the best ones, anyway. The ones that still are? We’re betting they’ll catch up soon given the recent track record we’ve seen with lots of luxury companies ramping up their digital games.

Brands like the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company know how important it is to not only be a part of the multi-channel movement, but be a leader of it. With a new mobile app, customers can take advantage of exclusive tips, tours and social platforms like Foursquare and World Concierge.
luxury mobile apps

One of the most distinguishing factors about the new mobile app is its “Presidential Tips.” As President of the Ritz-Carlton Company, Herve Humler is uniquely suited to reveal to guests all the little secrets about Ritz properties around the world.

“In my role, I am fortunate to be able to visit all of our stunning locations around the world,” said Humler. “I want to enrich the Ritz-Carlton experience for our guests further with details about the things I have found to be quite unique and memorable in my travels. With The Ritz-Carlton App I can now do that very easily and in real-time.”

The app acts as a looking glass into the favorite elements of the luxury brand’s own top exec. Guests can use the app to scan a QR code at check-in to see Humler’s tips. The app will debut with 20 hotels providing QR code experience tours on-property, and these are some of our favorite concepts set to launch:

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua: Guests can participate in a Cultural Art tour led by QR codes that will allow them to learn more about the hotel’s art collection.
The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong: Guests will be able to learn more about wine pairings.
The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park: The hotel’s signature 10-year anniversary cocktail will be served on a napkin that features a special QR code; it holds the cocktail’s recipe for guests to take home with them.

The app also integrates tips about local areas and their surrounding cultures and customs, as well as landmark tips and local activities.

We’d like to know, with all the emerging digital experiences launching from luxury brands, what are some of your favorite luxury mobile apps? Comments welcome!