How to Integrate Customer Voice into Web Experiences via Customer Service

Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz is known for involving team members in the decision-making process at his company. When employees have a stake in authorship, they also feel a stake in the outcome, goes the theory. Integrating the voice of the customer into your web experience can provide that same sense of ownership. Utilize your customer service team to listen, to channel input and to make actionable improvements. If you haven’t already, start by taking these three simple steps toward integrating your customer’s voice into your web experiences.
customer experience

Step One: Active Listening

Gather insights about your customers from all channels, including the web, social media and your call center. At every possible touchpoint in the customer experience, take the time to listen to customer requests. Also, listen externally to what your customers are saying in the media about your brand. Then, take steps to communicate with your customers. Make a phone call, write a personal email or Tweet a response to a social media request that explains both what you heard the customer say (good or bad!) and what you are going to do about it.

Step Two: Appropriately Channel Communications

Make sure that feedback from your customers is directed to the right people in the company. Executives, web developers, home office employees and front-line employees should all receive communication about important customer input. When you make changes to your website that are directly based on the customer voice, make sure that all stakeholders know why you made the changes. You will create a culture of responsiveness within your organization when employees at all levels actively discuss customer insights.

Step Three: Actionable Improvements

Assign actions to your e-commerce team based on customer feedback. Then, follow up with customers to let them know what actions were taken based on their feedback. You will both align your web strategies with customer input and create customer advocates when you utilize your customer service team to reconnect with the people who offered their opinions. Your customer service team’s efforts will convert potentially disgruntled customers into brand evangelists when they see a direct connection between customer input and changes to the web experience.