Podcast Alert! Cecilia Pagkalinawan on effective luxury brand marketing

Cecilia Pagkalinawan, Founder, StyleTrek.com, has an impressive (to be modest) resume of digital experience for luxury brands under her belt. As one of the digital eras original entrepreneurs, she is touted as an e-commerce expert. According to Pagkalinawan, luxury companies have done a great job branding themselves offline through beautiful images and fabulous photography, but the Internet is a moving organism and constantly has to be fed new content.

During Social Media Week and at the cusp of New York Fashion Week, Pagkalinawan took a break from a busy schedule to talk to me – and it was quite a pleasure to pick her brain. She’s got the goods to back up her impressive stats as a digital, luxury entrepreneur. I admit I was tempted to talk to her about Fashion Week the whole time (side passion of mine), but with a little concentrated steering – and not too much effort mind you as we were both eager to discuss – we got to the heart of the matter: how luxury brands are maintaining their image and also keeping pace with the digital age.

It’s no easy feat, actually. But some are doing it quite well – and Cecilia is able to pinpoint their success. Listen to our discussion here and please, ask questions and leave comments!