Twitter ads and online privacy – where’s this all going for online marketers?

For the longest time we’ve been wondering: how is Twitter going to monetize what it’s doing. We mean really monetize…as in ads – definitive money making.

Apparently, as this article states, the company is getting serious about doing just that. The company has introduced several advertising plans in the last few weeks in addition to promoting Dick Costolo to CEO –  he leads Twitter’s ad program.

You surely know the startling stats about Twitter and it’s explosion of users. But with everything surrounding this in recent weeks, what do you think it means for the bigger online marketplace picture? The same week that Twitter seems to be upping its ad game, tons of questions have been raised about online privacy as web developers are becoming more savvy given new capabilities to track Internet behavior which will surely be used to the advantage of online marketers and advertisers. And we can’t ignore the invasion of privacy in the Tyler Clementi case – which of course is still under investigation.

How do we, as online marketers, process all of this and maintain a healthy balance between respecting the privacy of our online market and conducting our business?