INFOGRAPHIC: How Financial Firms Are Engaging Customers Digitally

When was the last time you actually visited a banking branch for something other than the ATM?

With more people than ever using their laptops and smartphones to bank, digital capabilities have become extremely critical customer engagement tools for financial institutions. But how well are financial firms leveraging digital tools to engage customers in mobile and authenticated channels?

A new infographic reveals how financial institutions are engaging customers on digital and how close the industry is to “digital maturity.”

The infographic is based off of the recent NetFinance report, “The Journey to Digital Maturity: How Financial Institutions Are Leveraging the New Age of Digital Solutions,” and it finds that only 42% of the financial institutions surveyed have end-to-end control over the customer experience.

When it comes to extending core marketing capabilities to mobile apps, the report found that fewer than a quarter of financial firms are leveraging tools like analytics and content management in their mobile apps.

Check out the full infographic below for more on digital customer engagement. You can also read the full report, “The Journey to Digital Maturity,” here.

How Financial Firms are Engaging Customers on Digital

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