INFOGRAPHIC: Trends in Retail Marketing Spend

Have you ever wondered how top online retailers are using their marketing spend? Well, now you can find out!

A new infographic reveals how online retailers will be using their marketing budgets over the coming year, including what they plan to spend on mobile and social capabilities.

According to the infographic, which comes from WBR’s eTail team, retailer marketers will be investing more in mobile capabilities, SEO, and multi-channel initiatives over the coming months. Email and search marketing still dominate their spend, however, with 61% of the marketers surveyed spending more than 10% of their budget on both email and search.

When it comes to ROI, email and search marketing still dominate as social media continues to struggle to show a return. In fact, while 82% of marketers are using social media for engagement, only 36% are using it to drive sales.

These findings were pulled from the 2014 Technology Trends in Retail Report, which was compiled earlier this month by the eTail team. The report reflects the technology spending priorities of more than 210 online retailers.

Check out the full infographic below for more on marketing spending trends in online retail.  You can also read the full Technology Trends in Retail Report here.

Trends in Retail Marketing Spend02

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