Video: Instart Logic provides tools for better tech consumer experience

Improving company performance by going to ultravisual engagement was one of the overarching themes at eTail West this year, and it’s not hard to see why.

Kelly Hushin sat down with Peter Blum, VP of product management at Instart Logic, who divulged the keys to converting website visitors into customers. What is the key to a compelling user experience? Responsive design and high performance, especially geared toward interactive applications on mobile devices. While Instart Logic’s web delivery service is still in its first year of commercial availability, Blum explained that its revolutionary underlying technology establishes immediate performance improvements that simultaneously bolster the bottom line.

Instart Logic’s web application delivery service with a new cloud-client architecture, makes ecommerce websites load much faster. Website visitors bounce less, stay longer, and convert at a higher rate.

The main priority for companies is two-fold; to make the company website aesthetically compelling for its visitors… and to make sure that holds up on mobile devices. The key to having a better mobile online experience is to avoid potential performance blocks. Image adjustment to each mobile device is imperative for ecommerce companies to take into account. Instart Logic solves this issue with a unique approach to adapting large image sizes that would typically be present on a laptop or PC, and delivering them faster over wireless connections to any mobile screen size. If web and mobile websites are successful in this respect, then customer engagement and higher conversions are very likely to follow.

Check out how Instart Logic can make a company’s online presence more profitable by viewing the video below!