PriceGrabber & StellaService Partnership to provide more consumer power

PriceGrabber, a major online retail service, has announced a partnership with StellaService, a web-based platform that specializes in documenting online retailing metrics. With the help of StellaService’s data measurement technology, PriceGrabber aims to give customers a more transparent way to shop online.

In the official press release dated April 16, 2014, StellaService CEO Jordy Leiser shares his aspirations for the new partnership.

“We are on a mission to give consumers better information that leads to more informed buying choices,” Leiser said. “Together with PriceGrabber, we’re bringing more transparency to the online shopping experience and offering a compelling opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves from the competition by showcasing their great service.”

StellaService evaluates daily some of the top online retailers in the U.S. Their mission is to essentially become the middleman between the retailer and the consumer, in order to ensure a better experience void of underperforming products.

PriceGrabber will incorporate StellaService metrics data throughout their website. An online shopper will be able to click on a product, see its customer service rating, performance rating, and customer feedback. These figures will allow the customer to gauge the overall demand for a product they search for. Simply put, the two services together can aid in taking the mystery out of online shopping.

In an age where the consumer can have significant oversight in retail, the partnership is strategic and sound. In addition the customer can now take more factors into consideration when browsing through products, all while avoiding the dangers of instant-click purchasing. This partnership will also open the floor for more accountability on the part of the retailer, continuing the shift of power from the corporation to the consumer.