Infographic Alert: The Good & Bad Habits of Smart People

Anxious, creative, procrastinators rejoice – we’re the smart ones!

According to research from, people with high IQ’s tend to set goals and read avidly, but also have a propensity to drink heavily and suffer from anxiety. Perhaps the high IQ serves as a motivator for smarties to put too much pressure on themselves, which can result in an unhealthy dose of self-destruction.

On this Thanksgiving/Hanukkah week, I thought it’d be nice to take a break from the retail stats about our companies and share about some stats about, well, us. If you’re a high IQ-er who identifies with these habits, be thankful that at least you have the excuse of a high IQ to fall back on. If you’re not in the high bracket, then be thankful you’re not a neurotic alcoholic!

Thankfully, high IQ holders do have some redeeming qualities too. Here’s a few highlights from this particularly interesting graphic:

– The average IQ is 100; Ben Franklin and Albert Einstein tied at 160.
– Teens with IQ’s lower than 100 are five times more likely to engage in teen sex than those with higher IQ’s.
15 minutes a day of reading exposes you to more than 1,000,000 words a year.

Check out the whole graphic below, and have an awesome holiday! (Don’t worry, you can get back to all that reading after you’ve taken a few days to simply stuff yourselves.)