Leadership Tip of the Day: Don’t Praise your Staff…

…unless you really want people to shine in their roles, find fulfillment in their work, and excite others throughout the business!! Achievement

Seriously folks, I’m here all week (or as long as the chief editor of the blog allows me to be!)

It’s not the ‘good work’ at a six month or annual performance review that people really want or deserve. It’s the small stuff, and it counts.

They would much rather be acknowledged for taking the individual steps, the seemingly little weekly activities that demonstrate advancement of the longer-term business goals. It’s that regular feedback that allows them to understand whether they are on track or not and how what they do fits in with where the business is heading, that they want and need to hear.

Leadership is about making faces light up with enthusiasm. If we’re unwilling to pat someone on the back for advancing priorities, and doing that regularly, we’re poor leaders. And there are a lot of us. If we’re unable to identify which priorities their work is advancing, we should find something else for them to do!