Pinterest Implements ‘Do-Not-Track’ Feature

Like pretty much every other Internet company out there today, Pinterest tracks your behavior and online habits in order to offer contextual advertising. Not too many companies give you the option to opt out of this. It’s basically par for the course at this point. But going forward, Pinterest has decided it will allow users to opt out through a “Do Not Track” feature that is built into web browsers.Screen shot 2013-07-29 at 11.53.00 AM

The feature allows users to avoid cookies that collects personal information. Twitter also decided to offer this feature in May of 2012. Do Not Track will only work if a website agrees to acknowledge the feature.

Pinterest also announced that it will now suggest personalized pins and boards based on websites you go to that have the Pin It button.

“We’re excited to give everyone a more personalized experience, but we also understand if you’re not interested!” wrote Pinterest on the company’s blog. “We support Do Not Track, and you can change your account settings anytime.”