Infographic Alert: A History of Social Media – from the First Email to Pinterest

I am loving this infographic from Copyblogger, if for no other reason that because it reminded me about AskJeeves (now and how fascinated I once was with the idea that I could type a question into a box on a computer, and answers would come up before my eyes. Genius! Thank you to my colleague and writing partner-in-crime, Deanna Gillen, for bringing this one to my attention.

Some of my favorite factoids from this timeline of social media are:

Ana White‘s woodworking blog, started in 2009, attracts more than 3 million pageviews a month, and her number one traffic source is Pinterest…which only launched in 2012 (also hard to believe)
– Every month, 340,000 groups meet in local communities to socialize and connect through
Wikipedia launched in 2000 and users created more than 20,000 articles in its first year

Check out the graphic below for a fun journey from 1971 through today.