Video Alert: How Retailers can Turn the Table on the Mobile Conundrum

To be successful in the digital space, retailers have to go beyond an e-commerce platform, and efficiently manage the entire omni-channel experience.

“Mobile is a massive opportunity, and a challenge because at the same time that a [high] percentage of traffic is coming through mobile and tablet, the conversion rates and the revenue per visit metrics of that traffic are significantly below what it is on the desktop,” said Darren Johnson, Head of Sales at big data-driven marketing technology platform, Bloomreach. “Really what it is is a shift – a lot of these digital businesses were built with the desktop in mind, and [they are] just not performing the way [they need] to perform through these mobile and tablet channels.”

Retailers are struggling to stay abreast of the seemingly insurmountable amount of data at their fingertips. There are enormous opportunities to solidify a company’s position in the marketplace by delivering measurable business results.

Thanks to big data, Bloomreach says, the dream of cashing in on the proliferation of smartphones has finally become a reality. BloomReach’s cloud-based marketing software goes out into the web, figures out all the billions of things people are looking for and then maps that to its customers and the products/services they sell.

In the video above, Johnson speaks to James Hodges, Senior Conference Director for Etail Europe, about why retailers aren’t getting the most out of mobile, and what they should do to turn the table. With so many online marketing programs going on simultaneously, marketers need a solution that manages them all and allows them to maintain some level of control over them.

He also defines the three key challenges to retailers in the industry:

1. Competition is fierce
2. Acquiring new customers is not getting easier
3. Efficiency is paramount to success, but difficult to achieve

Watch the video to hear him explain more about how this whole big data marketing thing can help your company debut on your consumers’ small screens.