Video Alert: NetElixr & Lenovo Talk Paid Search Successes, Challenges

Approximately three years ago, the marketing team at leading computer company, Lenovo sat down and realized that they needed to see some substantial growth in their search campaigns. They found NetElixir, a search marketing platform that prides itself on being “obsessed with results,” and started working with them to strategize next steps.

According to Shaun Popen, Director, Global Interactive Marketing at Lenovo, NetElixir proved to be the perfect partner.

NetElixir helped Lenovo establish some critical milestones, and over the time of the partnership, they have hit every one of them, said Popen.

“They provide an extension of our team,” said Popen in a discussion with Udayan Bose, Founder & CEO, NetElixir, at eTail West this past February. “They sat down with us and aligned their paid search program with our objectives.”

About two minutes into the video below, you can hear Popen and Bose discuss exactly what challenges the retailer had, how NetElixir worked to address them, and what the two companies learned from working with one another.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the discussion was when the two talked about just that:

“Working with Lenovo there are two big things we have learned,” said Bose. “The first big thing is the importance of having winning aspirations. Here is a company where each and every team member wants to win. When we started working with them, they were number five in the PC industry. They are number two now, and probably will be number one in the next three months. The relentless aspiration of winning is something we have learned from Lenovo.”

Bose added that in today’s multi-channel world, there still is not enough appreciation for the amount of consumer insights that search can provide to retailers.

“Audience is still a challenge for retailers,” said Popen. “Really understanding who your audience is…really understanding who our customers are. If a retailer can understand that piece of the puzzle, then they can structure a lot of their programs around them and find new customers to drive to their business.”

Watch the video below to hear how the two companies worked together to really figure out what problems needed to be addressed and how best to address them.