Infographic Alert: Is ‘Social Q&A’ the Wave of the Customer Reviews-Future?

We all know by now that online shoppers rely heavily on user-generated reviews and content when making a purchase. Need I utter another word than “Amazon” to paint that picture?

But social shopping software provider, TurnTo, has proven that point even more clearly, and suggests that not only should we be implementing customer reviews, we should be better utlizing those customers who write those reviews.

In the below infographic, the company outlines what they call “Social Q&A,” which they say connects shoppers to past customers through questions and answers. Essentially, customers looking to buy products can turn to previous buyers of that product as sources to ask questions to. Pretty genius idea, actually.

Check out the highlights:

96% of all qualified social questions will receive at least one social answer through this solution.
87% of shoppers get social answers within 24 hours, whereas 41% receive them in one hour.
– Shoppers who ask social questions are 10 to 15 times more likely to purchase a product.

Get the full details in the graphic below…