Donna Karan Expands Social Presence with New Facebook App

We’re already fortunate enough to know all about the successes of Donna Karen’s Twitter account, @dkny. But a little birdy recently told us about another cool social thing Donna Karan is up to. 

We Are Social, a global social media brand shaping social strategies for big fashion and luxury firms, has created a Facebook app for Donna Karan Atelier, the famed fashion brand’s high-evening collection of exclusive, custom-made gowns, which gives users a rare behind-the-scenes look into the brand’s creative and design process for its red carpet attire.

The app lets users follow the journey of several bespoke gowns from initial concept to completion, starting at the sketchpad stage and continuing through the meticulous production process culminating in their actual red carpet debuts.

The brand built upon the success of the behind-the-scenes viewpoint that customers love. DKNY PR GIRL, the brand’s Twitter account, headed up by the company’s SVP of Global Communications, Aliza Licht, proved how worthy a pursuit social media is – influencing another arm of the brand to reach out to its customers more intimately through this new app.

The app visually showcases the time, effort and attention to detail required to create the custom gowns that are ultimately featured on the red carpet by celebrities eager to sport them.

The way it works is that users select an icon that represents a particular anonymous dress, not knowing what it will eventually look like. They then explore the design and production process, following the dress as it travels to its final destination. Users learn about its inspiration, design, fabric sourcing, production and fittings. Then, once a dress has been revealed on the red carpet, it enters into the Donna Karan Atelier Gallery of Gowns, where fans can see which celebrities wore the gown and view images from the particular event.

The gallery provides users with more behind-the-scenes content, including designer sketches. Fans can like, share, tweet and pin each individual post on the dress profiles. Tweets are pulled into the homepage by using the #DonnaKaranAtelier hashtag.