Aeropostale New Concept Store has iPad Music Stations & iPad Shopping Kiosks

Aéropostale, Inc. has announced the introduction of new technologies to a concept store at Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island that will undoubtedly flip the brand’s typical customer’s experience on its heels.

The new concept is designed with a vintage-feel featuring New York-inspired artwork alongside technology that is au courant with its teen shoppers. The technology wow factor is a group of iPads placed in fitting rooms, encouraging shoppers to choose their favorite music to listen to while trying on clothes.

Shoppers will also find four iPad kiosks, developed in partnership with Usablenet, a mobile and multi-channel technology company. The kiosks are placed throughout the store and feature a user-generated “build-your-own outfit guide,” which can be emailed to oneself and friends for online purchase. Customers will be able to shop an optimized version of the brand’s website on the iPads for hard-to-find items, and to place orders that they can get shipped to their home.

“The new concept store is the latest step in our initiative to provide our shoppers with a unique and innovative experience,” said Mary Jo Pile, EVP of Customer Engagement, Aéropostale. “It’s about creating an environment where our customers feel at home, and free to engage in their lifestyle while shopping.”

“Effective multi-channel engagement starts with having a deep understanding of what your customer is trying to accomplish at each stage of their shopping journey,” said Carin van Vuuren, Chief Marketing Officer, Usablenet. “Aeropostale demonstrates this understanding through their innovative use of technology to enhance the in-store experience.”

In addition to the technology integrations, each of the concept store’s five dressing rooms has a New York City neighborhood-inspired theme; “Soho,” “Williamsburg,” “West Village,” “East Village,” and “Park Slope.” It’s surely no surprise that these hoods were chosen – they’re naturally appealing spots for younger crowds, especially teens who might aspire to move to the big city someday soon.

The store design is a collaboration between Aéropostale’s internal team and Montreal-based design and consulting firm, GH+A Design.