Facebook Appoints 12 to its New ‘Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer’ List

As reported by TechCrunch last week, Facebook is starting to help a few of its vendor partners out with its new “Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer” stamp (sPMD).

The social network behemoth has naturally forced much development on the technology side – every solution from ads to pages to apps is being worked on or has been developed by someone, amounting to a list of about 300 B@B’s in Facebook’s directory.

Now, Facebook is making it easier for companies to sift through it all by awarded a selection of companies with the sPMD distinction. Facebook’s VP of Business and Marketing Partnerships, David Fischer, announced the sPMD at the Dreamforce conference run by Salesforce, last week, a vendor that happens to be part of the sPMD club. Each member gets a seat on the sPMD council, early access to Facebook products, and extra support from Facebook’s teams, making it a lucrative distinction.

From TechCrunch, here’s the list of companies admitted to the Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer club and the services they offer:

Adobe (Ads, Apps, Insights, Pages) [Facebook PMD Definitions]
AdParlor (Ads, Insights)
Alchemy Social / Techlightenment (Ads, Apps)
Brand Networks (Ads, Apps, Pages,)
Glow (Ads)
GraphEffect (Ads, Insights, Pages)
Kenshoo (Ads)
Nanigans (Ads)
Salesforce (Ads, Insights Pages)
SocialCode (Ads)
Spruce Media (Ads)
77 Agency (Ads, Insights, Pages)

The seat on the sPMD Council, similar to Facebook’s ads Client Council and ads agency Creative Council, will let them give input on the direction of Facebook’s marketing products and APIs.

Early access to Facebook alpha and beta products will allow the sPMDs to get first crack at offering and mastering new marketing opportunities.